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: Baillieu Vineyard


Baillieu Vineyard

Bulldog Run', RMB 5560 Junction Rd, Merricks North, 3926

Cellar Door: By appointment (or at Red Hill Cool Stores, 1012 Mornington-Flinders Rd, Red Hill)

Ph: (03) 5989 7622

Baillieu at Melbourne's Federation Square Regional Showcase

The vineyard was established on Charlie and Samantha Baillieu's "Bulldog Run" property in July 1988.

The 10 hectare, north-facing vineyard is situated in Merricks North. The comprehensive upgrade of the vineyard (such as better soil drainage and trellis systems) is now complete.

Grape varieties grown here include Chardonnay, Pinot Gris, Pinot Meunier, Pinot Noir and Shiraz. Baillieu Vineyard and Elgee Park Wines - whilst each retaining their individual labels - have recently combined resources in order to streamline vineyard management through the appointment of a joint full time viticulturalist.

The wines are produced by the impressive trio of local winemakers: Kathleen Quealy, Rollo Crittenden and Kevin McCarthy.

Tasting Notes

There are three types of Tasting notes:

(W) Notes from the winery (blurbs from bottle)

(GXY) Notes from a GenXY wine reviewer

(G) Notes from GenXY's Tasting events (collective opinions)

Bailieu Chardonnay 2015

Purchased: Not ($35)

Drink: 2020

(GXY) Tasting: Mar 2017, restrained white peach, lime and honey dew melon with biscuity lees and butterscotch malo notes, some white flowers on the nose, spicy and discrete cashew/cinnamon oak (***1/2)

Bailieu Pinot Gris 2016

Purchased: Not ($30)

Drink: 2018

(GXY) Tasting: Mar 2017 aromatic, pear, green apple and honey dew melon with a dusting of garden herbs and a whiff of butterscotch, linear and medium bodied with briny phenolics and crisp lemon acid finish (****)

Bailieu Pinot Noir 2014

Purchased: Not ($45)

Drink: 2020

(GXY) Tasting: Mar 2017, fragrant, silky sour cherry and strawberry with sage notes and a touch of mint, linear and medium bodied but fractionally short, balanced savour cedar oak (***1/2)

Bailieu Shiraz 2015

Purchased: Not ($35)

Drink: 2023

(GXY) Tasting: Mar 2017, floral and glossy plum and blackberry with white pepper and rose petal notes, savoury and medium bodied with vibrant acidity, cinnamon/vanilla French oak and sandy tannins (***1/2)

Baillieu Vineyard Brut 2012

Purchased: Not ($35)

Drink: 2015

(GXY) Tasting: Sept 2014, lively bead, broad and brightly flavoured apple, peach and lemon sherbet with savoury yeast notes, touch of sea spray on finish, vibrant citric acidity (***1/2)

Baillieu Vineyard Pinot Noir 2012

Purchased: Not ($35)

Drink: 2018

(GXY) Tasting: Sept 2014, light hue, delicate, glycerolly and light-medium bodied cherry and strawberry with rose petal florals and a touch of sage, some minerals, only moderate length (***1/2)

Baillieu Vineyard Pinot Gris 2013

Purchased: Not ($21)

Drink: 2015

(GXY) Tasting: Mar 2014, fairly delicate and light pear skin and cut hay with musky spices with a touch of honeysuckle and melon, dry finish with fine briny phenolics, well balanced (****)

Baillieu Vineyard Pinot Noir 2011

Purchased: Not ($35)

Drink: 2016

(GXY) Tasting: Mar 2014, quite floral and aromatic, delicate light-medium bodied red cherry and plum with rose petal notes, some tertiary earthy character emerging, very fine dusty tannins with fresh acidity, fair effort from difficult cold vintage (***1/2)

Baillieu Vineyard Rose 2010

Purchased: Not ($20)

Drink: 2011

(GXY) Tasting: Dec 2010, derived from Pinot Meunier, fresh and light bodied strawberry and rose petals with the slightly dusty texture adding interest beyond the average Pinot Rose, well judged acid support (***1/2)

Baillieu Vineyard Pinot Noir 2009

Purchased: Not ($35)

Drink: 2013

(GXY) Tasting: Dec 2010, perfumed with a pretty entry showing red cherry and rose petals but the earthy and plummy mid-palate gets a bit broad and sturdy, discrete French oak brings subtle warm spice to the finish (***)

Baillieu Vineyard Rose 2009

Purchased: Not ($20)

Drink: 2010

(GXY) Tasting: Feb 2010, from Pinot Noir, aromatic, fresh and lively red cherry, strawberry and cranberry with a semi-sweet mid-palate followed by long crisp and dry finish, not very complex but well balanced (***1/2)

Baillieu Vineyard Pinot Noir 2008

Purchased: Not ($35)

Drink: 2013

(GXY) Tasting: Feb 2010, fairly intense flavours showing red cherry and blackcurrant with some confectionary raspberry and dried herb nuances, medium-full bodied and a little hard edged by regional standards, long chalky tannins with a light touch of French oak showing (***)

Baillieu Vineyard Pinot Noir 2006

Purchased: Not ($20)

Drink: 2012

(GXY) Tasting: March 2008, elegant light-medium style showing mulberry and black cherry with aniseed, pepper and clove, some underlying mineral notes with fine savoury tannins, some dark chocolate and cigar box oak aspects (****)

Baillieu Vineyard Pinot Gris 2006

Purchased: Not ($20)

Drink: 2009

(GXY) Tasting: March 2008, delicate spicy pear and hay with musc, almond and honeysuckle notes, austere and quite minerally, dry finish, stylish showing Kathleen Quealy's mastery of the variety (****)

Baillieu Vineyard Chardonnay 2006

Purchased: Not ($20)

Drink: 2009

(GXY) Tasting: March 2008, restrained white peach, melon and butterscotch, buttery with a refreshing line of stonefruit acidity, discrete oak with a clean, dry finish (***1/2)

Baillieu Vineyard Shiraz 2005

Purchased: Not ($22)

Drink: 2013

(GXY) Tasting: March 2008, more Syrah than Shiraz, sour cherry, dark plum and a touch of rhubarb, earthy and medium bodied with spice and dried herb complexity, nutty cinnamon oak with powdery tannins (***1/2)

Baillieu Vineyard Rose 2007

Purchased: Not ($18)

Drink: 2008

(GXY) Tasting: March 2008, Pinot Noir derived, attractive salmon orange colour, dry cherry and blackberry flavours, musky with some spiciness, crisp finish, easy quaffing (***)

Baillieu Vineyard Shiraz 2004

Purchased: Not

Drink: 2015

(GXY) Tasting: March 2007, a bit tight with black cherry and spicy plum, medium bodied with a savoury finish, charry oak (***1/2)