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Eden Valley Rd, Angaston, 5353

Cellar Door: Mon - Fri (8.30 - 5), Sat (10 - 5), Sun (12 - 5)

Ph: (08) 8561 3200

Yalumba wines from Barossa Valley region (SA)

Yalumba wines from Coonawarra region (SA)

Yalumba wines from Riverland region (SA)

Yalumba wines from Rutherglen region (Vic)

Cellardoor at Yalumba
Cellar Door at Yalumba
yalumba label

The name Yalumba comes from the local Indigenous language meaning “all the land around”.

Claims to be Australia’s oldest family owned winery. Yalumba is actually just the most well known label of the Samuel Smith and Son Company

Samuel Smith was a successful brewer from Dorset who founded the company in 1849. The first wine came out in 1852 with clippings from from James Busby’s NSW vines.

The winemaking expanded in 1862 after Smith struck it rich in the Victorian goldfields. In 1878 Yalumba won a silver medal at the Paris Universal Exhibition Show. After WW2 with chief winemakers including Peter Lehmann and Peter Well the company expanded considerably with operations in the Adelaide Hills, Eden Valley, and Clare Valley such as Pewsey Vale.

Its money-spinning flagship in the 1980s was the Angas Brut champagne but its real quality was in reds, fortifieds and Rieslings. Pewsey Vale pioneered the Stelvin screwcap in Australia in 1977. The company also ran flagship brands, Heggies and Hill-Smith Estate and pioneered the introduction of a commercially viable Viognier in Australia.

The company hit some hard times in the late 1980s but after off loading its fortifieds to Mildara and launching Oxford Landing in the Riverland it got back on the front foot.

The new attractively priced and heavily promoted Y Series wines are winning younger fans to one of Australia’s oldest wine companies.

The premium reds - the Menzies Cabernet (from the Yalumba’s Coonawarra base), the Signature (Cabernet/Shiraz blend) and Octavius Barossa Old Vine Shiraz - continue to be Australian classics.

THe Virgilius Viognier is one of the best examples of the variety so far made in Australia.

It is one of the places any wine lover must visit when in the Barossa Zone.

The famous historic frontage of Yalumba
Tasting Notes

There are three types of Tasting notes:

(W) Notes from the winery (blurbs from bottle)

(GXY) Notes from a GenXY wine reviewer

(G) Notes from GenXY's Tasting events (collective opinions)

Yalumba Eden Valley The Virgilus Viognier 2014

Purchased: Not ($48)

Drink: 2019

(GXY) Tasting: Dec 2016, whole bunch pressed and barrel fermented, floral and opulent tangerine, melon and stone fruit with apricot blossom and ginger notes, waxy and medium-full bodied palate with dusty phenolics and zesty acidity to cut through the richness (****1/2)

Yalumba Eden Valley Marsanne 2013

Purchased:  Not ($24)

Drink: 2018+

(GXY) Tasting: June 2015,  floral and delicately flavoured pear and orange pulp with white flower and emergent honeysuckle notes, slightly viscous mid-palate and crisp citric finish, needs another 3 -5 years to blossom (***1/2)

Yalumba Eden Valley Viognier 2013

Purchased: Not ($25)

Drink: 2016

(GXY) Tasting: Aug 2014, wild yeast ferment, about two third barrel fermented, creamy and textural style showing glazed pear, apricot and lemon curd with lots of gingery spice and mealy notes, chalky grapefruit acid finish with slightly bitter phenolics (****)

Yalumba Eden Valley Viognier 2012

Purchased: Not ($25)

Drink: 2016

(GXY) Tasting: July 2013, majority barrel fermented, brightly flavoured, viscous and creamy glazed pear, dried apricots and tangerine with gingery spices, fresh mandarin-edged acidity and fine, ripe tannins, hint of cashew-vanilla, good persistence (****1/2)

Yalumba Roussanne 2012

Purchased: Not ($25)

Drink: 2014

(GXY) Tasting: July 2013, matured for 18 months on old oak barrels, viscous plump and fairly ripe lemon tart and orange peel with some oak derived vanilla and spice, very fine phenolics, fairly gentle acidity (***)

Yalumba Y Series Viognier 2011

Purchased: Dan Murphys, Melb CBD ($10)

Drink: 2012

(GXY) Tasting: Jan 2012, well made entry level wine showing viscous mandarin, honeysuckle, pear and apricot with mid-palate leesy creaminess with a light dusting of spice, well judged citric acid balance and persistence (***1/2)

Yalumba The Strapper 2010

Purchased: Dan Murphys, Melb CBD ($16)

Drink: 2013

(GXY) Tasting: Jan 2012, this is an easy to drink entry level GSM blend showing ripe black cherry and raspberry with dried oregano, seaweed, orange peel and pepper notes, the Mourvedre brings beetroot-like earthiness to the mid-palate, chalky slightly rustic tannins, the oak stays in the background but contributes a touch of dark chocolate (***1/2)

Yalumba Eden Valley Viognier 2007

Purchased: Dan Murphys, Melb CBD ($18)

Drink: 2012

(G) Tasting: Aug 2011, spicy and fuller bodied orange rind, melon and peach with ginger and cinnamon notes, oily palate with orange rind acidity and powdery phenolics (***1/2)

Yalumba The Virgilius Eden Valley Viognier 2009

Purchased: Not ($50)

Drink: 2015

(GXY) Tasting: June 2011, whole bunch pressed and fermented in mainly seasoned French oak barriques with a variety of wild yeasts, funky tangerine, melon and nectarine with apricot, lemon grass, ginger and clove nuances, viscous mid-palate with dusty tannins and long minerally citric acids, elegant silkiness with complexity and great control (*****)

Yalumba Eden Valley Viognier 2008

Purchased: Not ($23)

Drink: 2012

(GXY) Tasting: Oct 2009, more opulent than the Virgilius with candied and oily melon, pear and apricot with honeysuckle and cinnamon notes, powdery texture with gentle orange rind acids that fractionally shorten the palate length, designed to be more food friendly than the premium (****)

Yalumba The Virgilius Eden Valley Viognier 2008

Purchased: Dan Murphys, Melb CBD ($38)

Drink: 2013

(G) Tasting: Aug 2009, smooth, spicy and sumptuous apricot, pear and stonefruit with ginger, clove and honeysuckle notes, savoury and nutty aspects with better focus than the 2007, good line and length for the variety, fine tannins with crisp orange rind acidity on the lingering minerally finish (****1/2)

Yalumba The Scribbler Cabernet Sauvignon 2007

Purchased: Not ($20)

Drink: 2014

(GXY) Tasting: June 2009, ripe with plenty of juicy up front black cherry, blackberry and redcurrant with black olive notes, the medium-full bodied palate is minty and cedary and becomes more savoury and tannic on the back end, creamy mocha-chocolate oak (***1/2)

Yalumba Eden Valley Wild Ferment Chardonnay 2008

Purchased: Not ($19)

Drink: 2013

(GXY) Tasting: June 2009, indigenous yeast used for the ferment, some barrel ferment and lees inputs, built around a core of white peach, nectarine and stonefruit , opens up rather delicately but builds intensity, the mid-palate shows creamy nougat and almond aspects, subtle toasty French oak with delicate lemon acids (****)

Yalumba Y Series Viognier 2008

Purchased: Safeways, St. Kilda ($10)

Drink: 2009

(GXY) Tasting: Jan 2009, gentlely textured white peach, lychee and apricot with subtle ginger and pepper notes, slightly oily with soft citric acids on the dry finish, more than reliable entry level, good value (***1/2)

Yalumba Y Series Pinot Grigio 2008

Purchased: Safeways, St. Kilda ($12)

Drink: 2009

(GXY) Tasting: Jan 2009, restrained and austere compared to the 2007 release, multi-region blend, nashi pear and peach with jasmine and ginger notes, dry but is a bit dilute and lacking length, chalky finish, the flip-side of the over-extractive 2007 (***)

Yalumba The Virgilius Viognier 2007

Purchased: Not ($45)

Drink: 2009

(GXY) Tasting: June 2008, heady and fragrant nose, bright pear, apricot and musk with ginger and cinnamon spices, lees and barrel ferment textural inputs, zesty citric acid finish, a bit more oily and candied than usual but is still one of the Australia’s best and most complex examples of this fickle variety (****)

Yalumba Eden Valley Wild Ferment Chardonnay 2007

Purchased: Not ($18)

Drink: 2012

(GXY) Tasting: April 2008, sourced from Eden Valley, creamy textured style with stonefruit, white peach and fig flavours, extended lees contact and stirring have brought nougat and almond nuances, well judged toasty cedar-vanilla oak with some refreshing lemon acids (****)

Yalumba Y Series Viognier 2007

Purchased: Safeways, St. Kilda ($11)

Drink: 2008

(GXY) Tasting: Jan 2008, floral nose leads to gentle apricot, pear and honeysuckle, forward fruit expression with spicy but buttery mid-palate but finishes a bit thin with delicate citric acids (***)

Yalumba Y Series Limited Release Pinot Grigio 2007

Purchased: Safeways, St. Kilda ($11)

Drink: 2009

(GXY) Tasting: Jan 2008, lifted aromatic nose, candied pear, lychee with a touch of green apple malic acidity, buttery palate with generous sweet flavours with ample musk, honeysuckle and spice, chalky mineral finish, bit too pumped up and extractive for my taste but should be seen as an entry style for the variety pitched at a budget price for sweet tooths bored with sweet Sauvignon Blancs (***)

Yalumba Y Series Sangiovese Rose 2006

Purchased: Not ($10)

Drink: 2007

(GXY) Tasting: March 2007, 100% Eden Valley, light and dry strawberry and red cherry overlie minerally base, fuller than most, crisp finish with some light tannic structure (***1/2)

Yalumba Y Series Viognier 2006

Purchased: Not ($10)

Drink: 2008

(GXY) Tasting: March 2007, from 25 year old vines (perhaps the oldest for this variety in Australia), floral nose leads to honeysuckle and apricot flavous, bright up front fruit expression with spicy mid-palate but finishes a bit thin, still pretty good value for those who haven’t yet tried the variety (***1/2)

Yalumba Y Series Unwooded Chardonnay 2006

Purchased: Not ($12)

Drink: 2007

(GXY) Tasting: Jan 2007, light tropical fruit nose with soft musk and citrus notes, buttery palate shows melon and peach and finishes with citric twist (***)

Yalumba Y Series Unwooded Chardonnay 2005

Purchased: By glass at Adelaide Writers Week

Drink: 2006

(GXY) Tasting: March 2006, bright golden straw with vibrant green hues, sweet tropical fruit nose with musk and citrus notes, buttery palate shows melon and peach and finishes with a lemon hit at the end (***)

Yalumba Y Series Viognier 2005

Purchased: Safeways, St. Kilda ($13)

Drink: 2007

(GXY) Tasting: March 2006, lifted sweet floral nose, honeyed palate shows apricot and tropical fruit character, well balanced acid, a step above the first (2004) vintage (***1/2)

Yalumba Y Series Viognier 2004

Purchased: Safeways, St. Kilda ($13)

Drink: 2007

(GXY) Tasting: July 2005, sweet floral nose, but not overly, mainly a lightly honeyed flavour with lemon and apricot notes, a summer quaffer (***)

(Yalumba) Antipodean Red 1996

Purchased: Statesman Hotel, Curtin, Canberra ($17)

Drink: 2004

(GXY) Tasting: June 2005, Mourvedre 52%, Touriga 35% with a touch of Shiraz (10%) and Grenache (3%), pleasing, slightly sweet black cherry and blackcurrant but has enough spicy complexity from the blend to be better than a workhorse, fruit starting to fade now (***)

Yalumba Handpicked Eden Valley Riesling 2002

Purchased: Vintage Cellars, Central Market, Adelaide

Drink: 2007

(GXY) Tasting: October 2002, bright floral lime, lemon and honeysuckle palate, good slatey base with minerally backbone (***1/2)