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College Road, Sevenhill

Cellar Door: Daily (10 - 4)

Ph: (08) 8843 4370

Epike's labelstablished by the Pike family in 1984. Andrew Pike was the senior viticulturalist with Southcorp, while brother Neil was winemaker at Mitchell.

They have established a reputation for lushious Rieslings, Shirazes and Cabernet Sauvignons.

The vineyard is planted on red/brown earth over red clay subsoil and slate in the slightly cooler Polish Hill area.

Varieties grown include: Riesling, Sauvignon Blanc, Semillon, Viognier, Chardonnay, Cabernet, Shiraz, Sangiovese, Mourvedre, Pinot Grigio, and Merlot.

They have also established some 'Albarino' which will almost certainly re-identified as Savagnin.

The second food friendly range is called Luccio (Italian for Pikes) and features rather good Sangiovese and Fiano.

The premiums are the Merle Riesling and EWP Reserve Shiraz.

Entrance to Pikes (photo: genxywines)
cellar door
Pikes cellar door (photo: genxywines)
Tasting Notes

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Latest Reviews

Pike’s The Assemblage Shiraz Mourvedre Grenache 2015

Purchased: Not ($24)

Drink: 2022

(GXY) Tasting: May 2017, as usual it is a fleshy blend of about 80% Shiraz, 15% Mourvedre and 5% Grenache, plumpish blueberry, dark plum and raspberry with white pepper, a hint of moroccan spice and iris florals, earthy and medium bodied with streak of sour cherry on the finish, toasty oak and fine savoury tannins (***1/2)

Pike’s Los Campaneros Shiraz Tempranillo 2014

Purchased: Not ($19)

Drink: 2018

(GXY) Tasting: May 2017, fairly simple but juicy blueberry and raspberry with some eucalypt and white pepper notes, medium bodied with a light touch of coffee/chocolate oak inputs, open knit dusty tannins, the length is fairly short befitting the entry price point (***)

Pikes The Merle Reserve Riesling 2016

Purchased: Not ($45)

Drink: 2018 or 2027+ if you like it toasty

(GXY) Tasting: Nov 2016, fragrant and linear core of bright lime zest and orange rind fruit with citrus blossom, pear and white flower notes, long and minerally spine with slaty finish and tangy grapefruit acidity (*****)

Pikes Traditionale Riesling 2016

Purchased: Not ($25)

Drink:2018 or 2025 if you like it tasty

(GXY) Tasting: Nov 2016, floral brown lime cordial and lemon barley neatly offset by the crunchy grapefruit acidity, bright, jasmine florals with a touch of lanolin, the long palate shows pronounced talkiness, attractive commercial style (****1/2)  

Pikes Eastside Shiraz 2014

Purchased: Not ($24)

Drink: 2023

(GXY) Tasting: Nov 2016, plush blueberry, plum and mulberry with peppery spices and liquorice notes, juicy and medium-full bodied with chalky tannins and charry mocha-cedar oak with fine savoury tannins (***1/2)

Pike's Merle Reserve Riesling 2015

Purchased: Not ($45)

Drink:  2017 or 2025+ if you like it toasty

(GXY) Tasting: Dec 2015, Polish Hill fruit, heady, vibrant and focussed lime zest and orange rind with lime blossom and white flower notes, long, dry and minerally core with tangy sub-regional slaty acid finish (*****)

Pike's Traditionelle Riesling 2015

Purchased: Not ($25)

Drink: 2017 or 2023+ if you like it toasty

(GXY) Tasting:: Dec 2015, floral and penetrating lime cordial, yellow peach and lemon barley with jasmine, lanolin and lemon barly notes, long and even palate, talcy minerals with tangy lemon rand acidity (****1/2)

Pike's Olga Emmie Riesling 2015

Purchased: Not ($23)

Drink: 2018

(GXY) Tasting: Dec 2015,  22 gms/l residual sugar, off-dry. succulent orange, yellow peach and sweet lime with brown spice and ginger spices, some minerals with  a wet slate finish (****)

Pike’s Merle Riesling 2014

Purchased: Not ($45)

Drink: 2016 or 2026+ if you like it toasty

(GXY) Tasting: Feb 2015, vibrant lime cordial, stonefruit and lemon zest with citrus blossom and jasmine notes, longer and more focussed than the Traditionale with some lanolin on the palate, backbone of powdery phenolics, slaty grapefruit acid finish (****1/2)

Pike’s Traditionale Riesling 2014

Purchased: Not ($22)

Drink: 2016 or 2022+ if you like it toasty

(GXY) Tasting: Feb 2015, Gold Medal at Canberra International Riesling Challenge 2014, floral and generous lime cordial, pear and lemon barley with jasmine and citrus blossom notes, the palate is long and evenly weighted and shows some lanolin and tropical fruit notes, chalky with well balanced lemon rind acidity (****)

Pike’s The Merle Riesling 2013

Purchased: Not ($45)

Drink: 2015 or 2023+ if you like it toasty

(GXY) Tasting: Feb 2014, Silver Medal at Clare Valley Wine Show 2013, a touch more open and broader than the 2012 but full of perfumed and vibrant lime cordial, guava and lemon with musky spices, white flowers, flint and apple blossom, long palate with a spine of  powdery phenolics and a lingering wet slate finish, crunchy grapefruit acidity (****1/2)

Pike’s The Assemblage Shiraz Mourvedre Grenache 2012

Purchased: Not ($23)

Drink: 2018

(GXY) Tasting: Feb 2014, spicy blend of 80% Shiraz, 15% Mourvedre, 5% Grenache, intense but silky blueberry, mulberry and redcurrant with iris and pepper notes, medium-full bodied with warm earthiness and a wash of toasty oak spices, some dark chocolate on the finish, dusty open knit tannins (****)

Pike’s Luccio Fiano 2013

Purchased: Not ($18)

Drink: 2015

(GXY) Tasting: Feb 2014, a respectably varietal vibrant, viscous core of pear skin, orange blossom and almond flavours with some lanolin, has some atypical lemon rind/phenolic raciness to the finish though, a Riesling producers take on the central Italian variety, not orthodox but enjoyable enough (***1/2)

Pike’s Luccio Sangiovese Rose 2013

Purchased: Not ($18)

Drink: 2014

(GXY) Tasting: Feb 2014, fresh style verging on off-dry showing bright cranberry and red cherry flavours with some garden herb nuaces, fine chalky phenolics (***)

Pike’s Traditionale Riesling 2013

Purchased: King and Godfreys, Carlton ($22)

Drink: 2014 or 2019 if you like it toasty

(GXY) Tasting: Dec 2013, Trophy Winner at the 2013 Canberra  International Riesling Challenge but only a Bronze Medal at the Royal Adelaide Show 2013, my ranking sits somewhere in between, fairly developed with some esters still showing but should go away in a couple more months, intense style showing lemon barley and  lime sherbert flavours with perfumed jasmine notes, open but well structured with a spine of crunchy lemon acidity leading to the finish, this is something I will be drinking this post X-mas this summer rather than cellaring but will develop over the medium term  (****1/2)

Pike’s The Merle Riesling 2012

Purchased: Not ($45)

Drink: 2014 or 2025+ if you like it toasty

(GXY) Tasting: Nov 2013, as I have written elsewhere I am not one of those who have jumped on the bandwagon of the declaring the 2012 Riesling vintage in the Clare Valley as one of the region’s greatest ever vintages, however this was a standout of the vertical tasting of Merle from 2008-2013 I did with winemaker, Neil Pike, attractive white flower/citrus blossom nose, vibrant lime juice, guava and lemon with musky spices and some apple blossom, long and shapely palate with finely powdered phenolics leading to the wet slate finish, the acid and structure will allow this to last for ages (*****)

Pike’s The EWP Reserve Shiraz 2010

Purchased: Not ($65)

Drink: 2023+

(GXY) Tasting: Nov 2013, I tried this in a vertical tasting with the 09 and 08, certainly this is much tighter and restrained than the previous two vintages but has plenty of under-stated power, juicy and medium-full bodied core of blackcurrant pastille and redcurrants with musky and peppery spices, the regional minty/eucalypt is there but subtle, there is a backbone of dusty tannins leading to the sweet vanilla/chocolate/cinnamon oak finish (****1/2)

Pike's Traditionale Riesling 2012

Purchased: Not ($20)


(GXY) Tasting: Feb 2013, rich and ripe style showing lime, lychee and golden apple with jasmine notes, good backbone of racy lemon pith acidity, long with chalky minerality and a slaty finish (****1/2)

Pike’s Eastside Shiraz 2010

Purchased: Not ($25)

Drink: 2017

(GXY) Tasting: May 2012, soft, ripe and plush blueberry, blackberry and mulberry with some underlying earthiness and toasty cinnamon oak spices, core of generously flavoured fruit with pliant, fine tannins, the charry French oak also adds some dark chocolate (***1/2)

Pike’s Eastside Shiraz 2007

Purchased: Not ($25)

Drink: 2013

(GXY) Tasting: May 2011, juicy cranberry, raisens and plum with toasty oak spice, eucalypt and warm earthiness, spirity, broad and rounded palate with charry chocolate-mocha-nutmeg oak and loose knit grainy tannins (***)

Pike’s Traditionale Riesling 2009

Purchased: Not ($23)

Drink: 2011 or 2016 if you like it toasty

(GXY) Tasting: Oct 2009, fractionally more brightly flavoured and developed than normal for this stage of development, tangy lime, stonefruit and lemon with a taut backbone of racy grapefruit acidity, long and chalky with a slightly phenolic slate finish (****)

Pike’s Gilla Farm Viognier 2008

Purchased: Not ($22)

Drink: 2013

(GXY) Tasting: Oct 2009, cellar door only, half barrel ferment, opulent and brightly flavoured stonefruit, pear and apricot with nectarine and honeysuckle nuances, some ginger and matchstick, well controlled phenolics with fine chalky tannins, deserves a wider release (****)

Pike’s The Assemblage Shiraz Mourvedre Grenache 2007

Purchased: Not ($22)

Drink: 2015

(GXY) Tasting: Oct 2009, blend of 78% Shiraz, 15% Mourvedre and 7% Grenache, ripe and brightly flavoured raspberry, plum and blueberry, minerally, spicy and medium bodied, powdery savoury tannins, good length with a subtle dab of dark chocolate, cedary French oak is barely noticeable (****)

Pike’s Eastside Shiraz 2006

Purchased: Not ($25)

Drink: 2016

(GXY) Tasting: Oct 2009, mouth-filling and tarry blackberry and blueberry although becomes more plummy and spirity on the mid-palate, medium-full bodied with rich cinnamon, nutmeg, liquorice and mint, chewy tannins with charry (mainly) cedar/vanilla French oak and a dab of dark chocolate (****)

Pike’s Luccio Sangiovese Blend 2007

Purchased: Not ($18)

Drink: 2011

(GXY) Tasting: Oct 2009, a super-Tuscan inspired style with12% Merlot and 8% Cabernet, broad and medium bodied black cherry, plum and a touch of blueberry with some dried herb, pepper and cinnamon notes, fine if dusty savoury tannins from the Cabernet, slightly riper than normal but solidly in café food wine territory (***1/2)

Pike’s Hill Block Cabernet 2007

Purchased: Not ($28)

Drink: 2011

(GXY) Tasting: Oct 2009, slightly raw edged blackcurrant and raspberry with violet and menthol notes, medium-bodied with some tarry molasses aspects on the mid-palate, lots of sweet cedar-vanilla oak with powdery tannins, shows signs of uneven ripeness (***)

Pike’s Luccio Sangiovese Rose 2009

Purchased: Not ($23)

Drink: 2010

(GXY) Tasting: Oct 2009, light bodied with only 11.5% alcohol, off-dry with fresh cranberry and red cherry infused with chalky minerality and a crisp bone-dry finish (***)

Pike’s Olga Emmure Riesling 2009

Purchased: Not ($17)

Drink: 2011

(GXY) Tasting: Oct 2009, cellar door only, off-dry style with bright and broad lime, musk and lemon sherbert with zesty chalky acids and a touch of wet slate on the finish (***)

Pike’s Luccio Pinot Grigio 2009

Purchased: Not ($18)

Drink: 2010

(GXY) Tasting: Oct 2009, there is a little bit of Sauvignon Blanc and Semillon, barrel fermented in old French oak, soft, light bodied and chalky pear, cut grass and stonefruit with gentle but refreshing lemon acids, easy quaffing café wine (***)

Pike’s Valley’s End Clare Valley Sauvignon Blanc Semillon 2008

Purchased: Safeways, St. Kilda ($18)

Drink: 2009

(GXY) Tasting: Mar 2009, a bit subdued, opens with passionfruit and melon before sliding into lemon sherbert and dried herb mid-palate with restrained spicy herbaceous finish, chalky minerally base, early developing with some honeysuckle notes, good length although the Sauvignon Blanc needs to do more work (***1/2)

Pike’s Traditionale Clare Valley Riesling 2008

Purchased: Safeways, St. Kilda ($22)

Drink: 2008

(GXY) Tasting: Feb 2009, tangy but focussed lime and tropical fruit underpinned with the mineral and bathpowder backbone, refreshing stonefruit and lemon acids with a slatey and slightly phenolic finish, plenty of drive (****)

Pikes Clare Valley Riesling 2005

Purchased: Safeways, St. Kilda ($21)

Drink: 2010

(G) Tasting: July 2008, quite floral and brightly fruited with lime, lemon sherbert and pineapple flavours and a touch of emerging honeysuckle, fairly taut structure with talc and chalky minerality and citric acidity, good length (group average ***1/2)

Pike’s Valley’s End Sauvignon Blanc Semillon 2007

Purchased: Safeways, St. Kilda ($20)

Drink: 2008

(GXY) Tasting: Mar 2008, bright melon, lemon sherbert and tropical fruit, drying base of gentle lemon and orange acids and chalky minerality lift the quality, lingering minerally finish, more like a well made Verdelho than a SSB blend but it’s a pleasant summer drop (***1/2)

Pike’s Traditionale Clare Valley Riesling 2007

Purchased: Safeways, St. Kilda ($22)

Drink: 2008

(GXY) Tasting: Feb 2008, a bit broader and confectionary than the usual, lime and pineapple with tangy lemon sherbert, musk and bathpowder aspects, the lingering lines of chalky minerality and delicate grapefruit acidity on the finish keep it on track despite the difficult vintage (***1/2)

Pike’s The Merle Riesling 2006

Purchased: Randall's, South Melbourne ($35)

Drink: 2009 or 2017 if you like it toasty

(GXY) Tasting: Jan 2008, stylish, floral and intense showing apple blossom, lime and rose petal aromas, chalky lemon sherbert and spice pear palate with good varietal depth and clarity, the taut finish shows slaty phenolics and lingering lemon acids (****1/2)

Pike’s Eastside Clare Valley Shiraz 2004

Purchased: Acland Cellars, St. Kilda ($22)

Drink: 2014

(GXY) Tasting: March 2007, ripe blackberry and redcurrant with violet notes, spicy medium-full bodied with clove and cinnamon aspects, cedar/vanilla oak, long savoury tannins finish slightly dusty (***1/2)

Pike’s Clare Valley Riesling 2003

Purchased: BWS, Norman Park, Brisbane ($20)

Drink: 2008

(GXY) Tasting: Dec 2003, floral aromas of lime and lemon blossom , tangy and juicy mid-palate finishes dry crisp, minerally and clean, more brightly fruited and not as slatey as the 2002 (***1/2)

Pike’s Clare Valley Riesling 2002

Purchased: Castle Plaza, Melrose, Adelaide ($20)

Drink: 2007

(GXY) Tasting: Dec 2002, aromas of bitey grapefruit and lemon, quite taut and austere but the mid-plate is tangy and juicy, talcy, finishes with zesty acids and quite pronounced slatiness (***1/2)

Pike’s Clare Valley Riesling 2004

(W) Intense aromas of fresh citrus fruit, lightly scented bathpowder and minerals

Purchased: 2004 ($21)

Drink: 2009

(GXY) Not Reviewed Yet