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The are four formal regions estalished within the Zone: Canberra, Gundagai, Hilltops and the alpine Tumbarumba. The winery listings are contained the respective regional sections.

There are a small number of isolated wineries that are not contained within the four regions. These include Cootamundra, Hatherleigh Vineyard, Kingsdale, Manfred's, Transylvania and Snowy Vineyard Estate. None of these have been reviewed yet.

Southern NSW zone

Regions in this zone are:

Canberra region

Gundagai region

Hilltops region

Tumbarumba region

Lke the Central Ranges Zone the Southern NSW Zone is based on the cooler climates running along the backbone of the Great Dividing Range. The Southern NSW Zone includes the highest and coldest parts of the entire Dividing Range (which runs from western Victoria through to Queensland).


Jeir Creek (Canberra region)