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Like the neighbouring Tumbarumba region it is mainly about corporate vineyards such as a 240 ha vineyard run by Fosters. The three significant local wineries are Bidgeebong, Borambola and Pattersons Gundagai Vineyard.

The three classic robust varieties ' Shiraz, Cabernet Sauvignon and Chardonnay make up most of the plantings here but the diverse micro-climates would seem to suit many alternative varieties if there was demand. The Shiraz from the region tends to be rather full bodied with savoury black cherry, blackberry and liquorice features.

Gundagai region

Gundagai is most famously associated with the drover's dog on a tucker box statue just off the Hume Highway. Viticulture has been tried in this region to the east of Wagga Wagga intermittently since the 1840s, most notably by McWilliams.

The Gundagai region is a very transitional region that straddles into both the warm flat alluvial plains of the Big Rivers Zone around Temora and the cool high altitude climate of the Southern NSW Zone that follows main backbone of the Great Dividing Ranges, in this region around Gundagai and Tamut.

As with most continental regions the summers tend to be rather hot and dry with the higher regions susceptible to late spring frosts. The soils are complex but with red earth and red brown earths predominating.

Shaw and Smith

The town of Gundagai

Shaw and Smith

Vines in southern Gundagai