What is GenXYwines?

What we are building is one of Australasia's (Australia and New Zealand) largest free to access, independent wine review and education sites.It is written by ordinary (albeit passionate) wine consumers to provide frank hype-free advice to other wine consumers - and we aren't trying to flog you any particular brands. We are also getting around to all the wine regions across Australasia to visit and photograph the winery cellar doors and regional highlights to help punters decide for themselves which are the best to visit. The site also contains educational tips on the 100 or so varieties used in Australasia, serving wine, matching food and wine, wine tasting, and the history and main features of Australasia's wine regions. We hope that you find this site useful. Additional features and wineries are on their way.

Who are we?

Wine Review Editor

Graham Hastings

Food & Wine Editor

Rachel Hughes


Clare Scopes

Our tasters and skippers

Terry, Steve, Joss, Mandy, Carlene, Michelle, Lisa, Annissa Russell, Melissa, Seb, Sally, Helen, Jasmina, Darby, Sharon, Craig, Carol, Karen, Yas, Jason, Rachel S, Bill, Belinda, Justin

Industry Information:

All Australian and New Zealand wines submitted will be promptly reviewed and the review added to this website. This is a good way to keep potential buyers up to date with your latest offerings.

Please e-mail Graham at graham(at)genxywines.com (replace the (at) with @). You can also contact me through the contact function on this website. I am based in St.Kilda, Vic.

We do plan to take on advertising to pay the bills at some stage but not yet

Already on this site:

• Thousands of independent wine reviews from across Australia and New Zealand

• Background on most wine regions in Australia and New Zealand

• Photos from our cellar door and wine show visits

• Guide to Australasian Wine Varieties and Styles (even the obscure ones)

• Tips on Matching Food and Wine, Serving Wine and Wine Tasting

• Up to date calendar of national and regional wine shows open to ordinary punters

Finding wineries and wine reviews on this site

If you're looking for a winery, a wine region or wine review in Australia or New Zealand, go to the regions section. If you want to learn about wine...then go to that section....getting the picture yet? If you don't know in which region a winery is located then go the Search section and it will take you to our A-Z winery listing that will tell you where it is located.

Note: As mentioned above we dont sell wine - our business is talking about wine. We have had recent issues with hackers trying to get into our e-mail accounts. Do not forward your money or credit card details to anyone claiming to be from this site as it is probably some fraud.

Darby Higgs from Vinodiversity

Darby Higgs from Vinodiversity speaking on the virtues of alternative varieties at our annual new varieties wine dinner.

Currently I taste between 2,000 and 2,500 Australian and New Zealand wines a year. I also try about 1,000 - 1,500 international wines at various price points to provide some bench-marking of our wines, particularly the newer varieties, so that meaningful comparisons can be made to contemporary overseas wine styles (not that I believe that the worth of our wines should be simply reduced to how closely they mimic European Old World styles).

You will also notice that I use a five star rating "band" system (as is used for example by Winestate) rather than a score out of 100 (or out of 60 in professional wine judging shows). While it might be a necessary evil at big wine shows the 100 point system creates the impression of a level of objectivity and replicability that doesn't exist.

About the editor

I approach my wine writing from the perspective as a passionate (but responsible, most of the time) wine consumer over the last three decades rather than as a retailer or a someone on the professional wine judging circuit (although I do judge at local wine shows)

I grew up just outside of South Australia’s Barossa Valley. Indeed one of my earliest childhood memories is being taken by my parents to the Chateau Yaldara winery on the banks of North Para River.

Graham hastings: editor of genxywines

Graham judging Chardonnay at a Mornington Peninsula wine show in the barn at the Briars, Mount Martha

Later on as a young adult in the 1980s I studied at the University of Adelaide, which at the time was taking over the world famous wine school at the Roseworthy Agricultural College. I studied botany, biochemistry, microbiology and other promisingly wine-related related subjects, but, alas, followed an early laboratory career in grain with the state’s Department of Agriculture and Australian Barley Board, rather than wine-making or viticulture. With hindsight my life path would have been so different if I had become one of the early 1980s generation of flying winemakers.

Wine, however, was a big part of my student days.  This was still in the rustic era before the wine industry became trendy in the 1990s. There were the sweaty, summer grape picking days in the Barossa and Riverland during holiday breaks, bootloads of reds, rieslings and ports on our Barossa and McLaren Vale day trips, the occasional visit to Great Western, Glenrowan and Rutherglen (the only significant Victorian wine regions back then), and tours of the Roseworthy wine school when I was on the student association council. I continue to pick up the latest technical wine-making text-books on my visits back to the alma mater.

Fast forward a couple of decades to the turn of the century, the onset of middle age, a change of career to a political lobbyist/researcher (with regular trips to Canberra) and a move to live by the bayside of Melbourne.  I quickly discover the tremendous local Saturday afternoon wine tasting/education circuit around independent fine wine stores such as the Prince Wine Store, Cloudwine and Randalls. The circuit gave me the opportunity to try (and as much as my meagre wages allow to buy) many good local and overseas examples from small, boutique producers of varieties such as Pinot Noir, Nebbiolo and the new Spanish/Italian varietals that had been relatively scarce in Adelaide stores in the 1990s.

The high level of wine marketing in Melbourne (such as the then monthly Victorian Regional Wine Showcase in Melbourne’s Federation Square and visiting wine roadshows such as Coonawarra, New Zealand In A Glass and Hawke’s Bay) suddenly make it easy to try wines from hundreds of producers.  Talking about wine with others on the wine circuit led me to start writing systematic notes, which after several years led to the decision in 2006 to start up the independent genxywines website, travel around the wine regions and regional wine shows of Australia and New Zealand, host wine dinners and to record my wine journey free of any external commercial interests or influences. More recently I have been a wine judge at the Eltham and Frankston Wine Shows.


GenXY mini-bus tour of Yarra Valley at Shantell


Terri preparing her gourmet feast for our Shiraz and Viognier Show


Helen with Lake Cooper winemaker, Don Ristrom, on our Heathcote tour


Graham trying not to waste a drop at our Taste of WA dinner


Judy and Annissa at our alternative varieties dinner


Seb, Clare and Mandy working out wine scores at our Canberra wines dinner


Outdoor BBQ (although half of us are vegos) for our Big Winter Red Event


Introduction to Australian wines dinner for Carlie and her Scottish friends - getting a little too enthusiastic for our wines perhaps but hopefully she is spreading the word back in Scotland


Visiting Dominique Portet on the genxywines mini-bus tour of the Yarra Valley